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Safe Solutions For Headaches

Curing Headaches Using Chiropractics

Sandez Family Chiropractic & Wellness Center and Cary NC chiropractor, Dr. J. Luis Sandez DC, are pleased to announce headache solutions from the techniques and methods used by chiropractors. Headaches are a common complaint in the world today, with most people experiencing them at one time or another. For those who suffer from occasional headaches, the usual practice is to take a couple aspirin.


When headaches become frequent, or increase in severity, sufferers might take over-the-counter medications more frequently or might seek strong painkillers. Many do not realize that the frequent use of painkillers may become ineffective in alleviating pain. Some prescription medications can become habit-forming. Others can cause organ damage.


Speaking recently in an interview, Dr. Sandez explained, “I don’t just chip away at hiding symptoms, including headache pain. I do a comprehensive examination that explores patient history, review of physical injuries or irregularities and checking the imaging studies as required. From this information, I’m able to work with the patient in order to create and implement a plan to reduce or eliminate the events.”


Chiropractic methods are always safe and gentle. They may include adjustments of the spinal vertebrae. Other techniques target allergies, stress, poor posture and lack of exercise. The cooperation of the patient enhances and speeds the course of healing in most instances. All of these techniques are free of drugs and other similar substances.



If you live in Cary, Raleigh, Durham,  Morrisville, Apex, Holly Springs, Garner, Chapel Hill, Sanford, Clayton, Fayetteville and the surrounding Triangle NC area and are interested to see how our approach can resolve your pain and other issues, while improving your overall health and wellness, please Contact Us,call 919-535-3091, or fill out our Online Form  to set up an appointment today.  Don’t worry about getting a referral- none is needed to make an appointment, and we accept most insurances and will file with them for you.

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