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Back Pain in Children

Dr. Sandez Helps Children Suffering With Back Pain

Sandez Family Chiropractic & Wellness Center and Cary Morrisville NC chiropractic professional, Dr. J. Luis Sandez DC, are pleased to announce that back pain in children can be alleviated by using chiropractic techniques. Many parents do not take action to help children suffering from pain, because they don’t recognize the likelihood that the symptoms can be serious. Sometimes pain is thought to be “growing pains” and is discounted.


Dr. J. Luis Sandez DC, Cary Morrisville NC chiropractic authority, spoke on the topic to an interviewer recently. “During normal play and sports activities, children can suffer many of the same types of injuries that plague adults. A trip-and-fall injury can create spinal misalignment, as well as the expected bumps and bruises. The pain may be immediate or may not appear for hours or even days following the injury.”


“Another cause of back pain in youngsters” he continues, “is poor posture. Sitting in an awkward position in class, or while playing video games can be stressful to the muscles and connective tissue that help to support the spine. Carrying a heavy back pack for extended periods will put undue strain on the back muscles as well.”


The doctor encourages parents of children who are complaining of back pain to schedule a chiropractic consultation as soon as possible following an event which could cause injury. Parents should also be aware of changes in the way the child moves or behaves, which might be an indication that pain is present.


The techniques utilized for adults are also successful in alleviating children’s pain. A friendly and gentle atmosphere in the office will help to calm children who are in pain.



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